Customizing my Milo experience

Milo is designed to work great out of the box for a broad range of situations and activities. And we know that sometimes you might want to change the default settings and behaviors. For example, the water clearing feature that's important when you're kite surfing is not relevant while riding your bike. And you might like Milo to notify you when the battery is running low while your friend doesn't want such a notification.

Here are some ways you can customize your Milo experience today - we're adding new features and custom settings in every major update, so check Milo Link every time you update your Milos:

  • Group notifications - Choose your style of range notification messages
  • Proximity Mute at startup - Choose to always start with proximity-based volume enabled or disabled
  • Volume at startup - Choose to power up at 50% volume or at the volume set at power-down 
  • Mute indicator - Choose whether or not the LED ring shows when your Milo is muted
  • Battery alert - Choose if and when Milo alerts you that the battery is getting low
  • Record your name - Use your own name instead of the pre-assigned default name
  • Milo language - Choose the language Milo uses for notifications. Each Milo can speak a different language, even when they're in the same group.

Learn how to change the settings in Milo Link here and how to record your name here

Learn about the on-device menu here

When we make them available, you can try some of our newest features as Preview Features. Learn more about Preview Features here.