Preview Features: Try new features early

Preview Features - What they are and how to enable them

What is it?

When we have a new feature that we want to make available even while it is still in development, we can provide it as an early pre-release version for you to try if you want. Preview Features might be features that our users have requested but that still require additional work on our part to make robust in all contexts. Or they can be cool features we'd like feedback on to see what direction to take them next. Preview features are always opt-in, so it's your choice if you want to try that feature. And you can turn it back off again anytime if you decide the preview feature isn't something you're interested in.

Preview Features were first introduced with Milo software version 7.0.0 and Milo Link app version 1.0.6. 

Not all software releases will have preview features. For example: version 9.0.0 has no preview features as both MiloNet 2.0 and Bluetooth will have become standard features available in all regions.

How do I enable Preview Features?

  1. Open Milo Link, select a connected Milo
  2. Tap Preview Features
  3. Read about the feature
  4. If you decide to try it, tap ENABLE

Trade-offs to consider?

Preview features are still under development and may have adverse effects on user experiences. That's why they are Preview Features! Sometimes they may affect the behavior of other Milo features; your Milo may even reboot itself unexpectedly. When we offer a preview feature, we also list any major known issues and unfinished aspects so you know what to expect.

Remember: You can disable a preview feature at any time. If you do, be sure to first stop using the feature before disabling it to avoid getting into a limbo state since you won't have access to any feature controls if you enable it.