Advanced Settings: Customizing Milo

Configurable settings, notifications, names, language

Available customization

You can customize Milo's behavior in many ways based on your preferences. You can:

  • Choose a different Milo language 
  • Choose a different Milo name 
  • Record your own name 

Starting with Milo firmware version 8.0.0 and Milo Link app version 1.0.7, we added the following configurability:

  • Out-of-range notifications - Choose your style of range notification messages for when your group goes in and out of range. Descriptive is the current default. You can also choose a more concise style that relies on earcons (sounds), or you can turn off the “out of range” and “returned” notifications completely.
  • Adaptive Volume at startup - Choose to power up with Adaptive Volume either enabled or turned off.
  • Volume at Startup - Choose “Safe” to always power on Milo at about 50% volume, or “remember last” to power up at a level closer to the last set volume. 
  • Mute indicator - Choose whether or not the LED ring shows when your Milo is muted. Currently, that is an animated white LED indication.
  • Battery alert - Choose if and when a powered up Milo automatically alerts you that your battery is getting low. 

Version 9.0.0 has even more configurability, including:

  • Custom Milo Name in Milo Link - After you record your name on a Milo you can type in the matching name in Milo Link (up to 8 characters).
  • Voice detection sensitivity - Change based on background noise and your speech loudness.
  • Proximity Mute range - Change the distance of the quiet zone to be smaller or larger depending on what fits your activity best.

How to enable customization

Use Milo Link to customize. Standard Features are in My Milo settings or Advanced Settings, while Preview Features are in Preview Features. 

Look for even more configurability in future updates. 

If you update to the latest software and don't see the expected customization options, make sure you have the latest version of the Milo Link app.