Milo Names and Renaming

Each Milo comes with a pre-assigned default name. You're free to use that name of course. But you can also change the name in a couple of ways. It's a good idea to rename a Milo before you join a group to avoid confusion, but if you are in a group already, Milo notifies everyone what your new name is.
  • Option 1 Choose a name from the pre-defined set of names in the app. This list contains all the default nature names that the Milos have out of the box, as well as a collection of other first names.
    • NOTE: After a software update it will take some time for the pre-installed app names to download from the Milo into the Milo app.  If you don't see any names listed, please wait for a few seconds until that upload process has completed. 
  • Option 2 Record the name you want it to have directly onto the unit.
  1. Find a quiet place
  2. On the Milo you want to rename, click once on the smile-shaped button on the back. This takes you to the name recording module (in version 9.0, the smile-shaped button brings you to the settings menu; click volume +/- to navigate to the name recording option, then click the side button to select). Then follow the instructions:
    1. Press-and-hold the Milo button, say the name you want, then release the button
    2. Milo will play what got recorded so you can decide if like what you hear. To keep it, click the Milo button once. To redo, repeat Step A. You can do it over as many times as you'd like. And if you decide to keep with what was there when you started, just let Milo time out when you're asked to click to accept.
  3. Once completed, go ahead and group.

Check out this video: How to record a new name


Known limitations

If you record your own name, the Milo Link app does not display that name. The group will hear your recorded name in notifications, but the app can currently only display a pre-defined name. Starting with version 9.0, you'll be able to enter a name in the app (up to 8 letters in length).