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Milo software updates - Milo Link app method

The main method for updating your Milo software is via the Milo Link mobile app.

When you're ready to install a new software version, first make sure you have the latest version of the Milo Link app - some new features rely on settings you control in Milo Link.

The Milo Link app is free. 

Once Milo Link is installed on your mobile phone, please follow the step-by-step in-app instructions for pairing your Milos with the app. After they are paired, Milos show up in the My Milo section of the app.

When a new version of Milo software is available, you'll be notified in the app when you open it and reconnect to your powered up Milos.

When you click the update button, Milo Link will step you through the update process. We recommend the following:

  • Do updates when you have good Wi-Fi access.
  • Always update all your Milos at the same time to make sure they have the same features when grouped.
  • If your Milos are grouped, ungroup them before you start installing the update.

If you experience trouble using Milo Link for updates, take a look at this and this article.

We have also made available an alternative update method here.

NOTE to iPhone users
: If you're having trouble connecting to Milo after the update is installed, do the following:

  1. In Milo Link, unpair each Milo
  2. In iPhone Settings > Bluetooth > My Devices, remove ("forget") each Milo from the list.
  3. Do a factory reset on each Milo.
  4. Pair Milos again in Milo Link