Using headsets or headphones with Milo

Thanks to a powerful built-in speaker and 6 built-in microphones, you don't need a headset with Milo. But of course you can use your own headsets or headphones if you prefer.

The USB-C port you use when charging Milo's battery can also be used for connecting a wired headset.

Starting in v. 11, you can choose to use the external mic on many USB-C or Bluetooth headsets. The Microphone Preference setting (in Milo Link > Advanced Settings) controls which mic is used when a headset is connected. Milo still uses its built-in mics for Proximity Mute, so mount your Milo unobstructed and  close to your mouth even when you use a headset. 


  • Changing Microphone Preference on-the-fly does not work with all BT headsets. Please configure this setting as you wish before connecting your headset. 
  • Microphone quality on many BT headsets is quite poor and Milo’s hands-free voice detector may not work reliably. Changing Milo’s Voice Detection Sensitivity setting to High in Milo Link helps with some models.

If you prefer Bluetooth headsets or headphones, we recommend Apple AirPods and Shokz (previously branded AfterShokz). We continue testing additional brands. If you use Shokz, take a took at this article and video: Pair & connect Shokz

Take a look at our list of headsets/headphones we have tested: Third party accessories