What is MiloAI™?

A summary of all the features that enable the Milo Adventure Intelligence (MiloAI) System.

MiloAI™ builds on the amazing group communication that is only possible with Milo and MiloNet™ mesh technology. 

The MiloAI™ brand name is new, but the technology itself - Milo's proprietary awareness engine - has quietly been powering Milo since Day 1. It's the (ever-improving) brains behind Milo's "Adventure Intelligence" features like Proximity Mute and Range Alerts.

Under the MiloAI™ umbrella, we include our existing enhanced features:

  • Roll call — Who is in your group, and are they reachable right now
  • Milo customization — Use Milo Link to type in the name you recorded on your Milo
  • Proximity Mute — Proximity-aware automatic volume decrease or increase
  • Range alerts — Notifications when people go out of range and return

And starting in v10.0, we’re adding several new adventure-changing features:

  • Voice Control — Control your Milo with natural language voice commands
  • Side Groups — Have a quick real-time 1-on-1 chat with someone in your group
  • Custom Name integration — When you customize your Milo by recording a name, MiloAI detects that custom name via proprietary machine learning models, allowing others in your group to start side chats and send messages using that name.
In v11.0, we added:
  • Long Range Messaging — Send voice messages to everyone or to just one person in your group, even when they are temporarily out-of-range

For the first time ever, on the slopes with friends, you’ll be able to do things like:

  • Simply say, “OK Milo, speak to Brent” to create a temporary private side conversation with Brent. When you’re done syncing up, a quick “Ok Milo, return to the group” dissolves your side chat and brings you both back to the group.
  • Or just say, “OK Milo, send a message to Mike”, followed by “Hey, let’s meet at the mid-mountain lodge at noon for lunch”. This sends the “Hey…” message to Mike, and you get a notification when the message has been delivered to Mike.
  • Expanded Voice Control  — Use natural voice commands to change volume, check battery level, check who's online and reachable, get instant help on features, and more.

Check out the full list of “OK Milo” voice commands here: Voice Control This list will expand as we add new functionality in future releases.

MiloAI was first partially released as a preview feature in Milo Software v10.0. Please use the latest version of the Milo Link app to enable MiloAI™ and all features associated with it. 

Does MiloAI™ drain the battery?

In our testing, battery life on 10.0 is the same as 9.0 and the last several releases because, as described above, many of the features now under the MiloAI™ umbrella have been part of Milo software long before version 10.0. So, no need to worry that a brand new AI engine is draining your batteries. Even Voice Control, one of the new MiloAI™ features, should only result in a slight reduction in max battery run time. In our testing, we have seen a 3-4% drop on average. 

Can I disable MiloAI™?

Because it is a core Milo component, MiloAI™ can't be disabled.

What you can disable (via Advanced Settings in the app) are individual features that rely on MiloAI™.