What is Voice Control?

What is Voice Control & How do I use it

Voice Control - What is it?

A few MiloAI™ Voice Control commands were first introduced as a Preview Release with Milo Software version 10.0. Version 11.0 adds several new Voice Control features and expands what you can say. We’ve released it as a restricted functionality preview to gather feedback on voice recognition performance in the real world when used by the Milo community. 

Initially, voice commands are supported and tuned for US English only.

  • Available in v. 10:
    • 1-on-1 Side Chats - Talk privately with another person in your group
    • Roll Call -  Hear who is in the group and in reach
  • Added in v. 11:
    • Long range voice messages - Send a short message to one person or everyone in the group
    • Volume control - Quickly change volume (3 steps at once instead of clicking 3 times)
    • Battery query - Hear the current battery charge level
    • Mic mute - Mute the mic (click Milo button to unmute)
    • Proximity Mute settings - Enable or disable Proximity Mute
    • Roll call - Hear who is in the group and in reach
    • Getting help - Hear a mini tutorial on how to send a message, start a chat, change name, using voice control, or launch the Milo tutorial
All voice features with examples of what you can say are here

How to use Voice Control

    • Before your first use, enable Voice Control. For each Milo where you plan to use it, go to Advanced Settings in the Milo Link app and enable "Voice Control". If you want to sent voice messages, you need to enable voice on every Milo in your group, even if some Milos only receive messages. Once enabled, Milo is ready for your voice commands at all times except when you have muted the mic. 
       denali1  >> denali3 >>  denali2
      • Note: When you first enable Voice Control in Milo Link, Milo will automatically reboot to activate the feature.
    • To give a voice command:
      1. With Milo's mic unmuted, start by saying the wake word "OK Milo." (Remember to pronounce Milo as the English words "My low", not "Me low". That is [mai] rather than [mi:].)

        After the wake word, a short tone lets you know Milo is listening for your request.

        Note: Others in your group will hear you say "OK Milo", but not the following request.

Helpful Hints

Unlike the voice assistants in your quiet living room, MiloAI's speech recognition system is designed to work in the great outdoors. That said, here are some tips for best performance!

  • Speak naturally. Voice control is most powerful when you don't have to memorize specific phrases to do something. Each voice-enabled feature can be launched with one of several commands covering how most people naturally phrase the request. More commands and ways of asking are added with each release.
  • The closer Milo is to your head, the better Milo's microphones can hear you.
  • When you record a new name on your Milo, do so in a relatively quiet location and make sure your name isn't cut off at the start or end. 
  • Milo may not always hear you or recognize your command correctly. If you hear a "bonk", try again!
  • Be aware that loud noises and others speaking nearby can make recognition difficult.