International travel with Milo

If you plan to use Milo abroad, we highly recommend you install the latest Milo software update on all Milos before leaving home. After installing, power up and verify everything works as expected. Then turn off the Milos and pack them away for travel.

Verify that Milos are certified for use where you plan to use them (certified countries).

Also verify that you have the latest Milo Link version installed on your mobile device before you leave, and update if needed.

Each country has their own standards and laws that govern the use of radios. Many countries have adopted common standards. For example, USA and Canada require FCC certification, while most European countries require ETSI certification. Milo is certified for use in the country in which it was purchased. If you plan to bring Milo to another country, it's wise to be aware of the local rules and laws before taking your trip. Not complying with local rules and laws may result in fines and/or confiscation of equipment. 

The rechargeable battery is fully integrated in the Milo unit, just like the battery in your phone. That means it can't be removed; therefore it's fine to pack Milo in your hand luggage. Keep Milo powered off and stowed during your flight. 

Milo and Milo Link will set the correct region after you arrive in a different part of the world. Wait for your mobile phone to establish its location, then close and reopen Milo Link, and reconnect your Milos to Milo Link. Read more here: Changing Region

If you are on a ship or boat in international waters, region changing will not work as there is no valid region.