How do I avoid audio feedback?

When grouped Milos get close to each other, the Proximity Mute feature automatically lowers the speaker volume to avoid creating an audio feedback loop

Milo uses radio signal strength to estimate proximity, which is used to regulate the proximity mute feature. You can enable or disable Proximity Mute. When enabled, you can also choose if you prefer the automatic lowering (or "ducking") to occur when others are further away or closer than the balanced default setting. We recommend testing the different settings - you may want different settings for different activities. Read more about the Proximity Mute feature here.

If you run into a situation where the Proximity Mute feature isn't auto-lowering the volume enough to avoid an audio feedback loop, please try the following:

  • If you and others have Milos mounted on the side of your arms, you will sometimes end up shielding your Milos from others with your bodies. This can impact the Milos' ability to correctly estimate proximity as the wearer's body affects the wireless signal strength. You may experience this for example on a ski lift.
    • To avoid this, experiment with mounting the Milo in a different location. For example, try placing Milo high up on your front chest, or in a similar more central position that doesn't place the majority of your body between each Milo when sitting on a bench. Or try for a position that's closer to your shoulder.