Duck-My-Neighbor: Why Milo gets quiet when close to others in the group

When grouped Milos are close to each other, the sound of each nearby person from the nearby Milos' speakers is automatically lowered, or "ducked," thanks to our innovative "Duck-My-Neighbor" feature. Duck-My-Neighbor is one of the many ways in which Milo adapts to your environment to give you a smooth experience without needing to fiddle with buttons.
With Duck-My-Neighbor - or DMN for short - if you're next to someone in your group, you hear them only directly, and not also through your Milo. And importantly, others in your group who are further away can still hear both of you at regular volume, and you can hear them. 
After you move apart again, the volume is automatically increased to where it was set before it was temporarily ducked.
So if you connect your Milos for the first time and talk into one but can't hear anything out of the other while it's still close-by, this is why. Careful to not increase the volume because you can't hear - it will get loud once you walk away. 
You can toggle Duck-My-Neighbor on or off:
  • Press and hold both volume up and down simultaneously for about 2 seconds, or until you hear the spoken notification “Duck-My-Neighbor disabled / enabled”
Starting in Milo version 9.0, you can also change how large the quiet zone reach is. This setting is in Advanced Settings in Milo Link, and settable for each Milo. Starting with version 9.0, you can also change DMN on the go using the new on-device menu.
Take a look at our how-to videos learn more: How To Videos