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Using Milo Link to update Milos (iOS)

This article takes you through the screens in Milo Link that you're likely to see during a Milo firmware update.

If there is an update available and your connected Milo is using an older version, you'll see a red banner at the top and a red update icon next to the Milo's name. If you think there is an update but you don't see the notification, just close and reopen Milo Link, and reconnect the Milo. Also go to the App Store and verify that you are using the latest Milo Link version.

Tap the update banner to start the download to your mobile. You'll see a red progress bar. Assuming you're on a good WiFi connection, the download is usually fairly quick. 


Downloading the update is step 1. Now you're ready to start step 2: Installing the new version.

Soon after you tap on "Install now" you'll see a permission request pop-up - allow this (and accept any other permission requests you see during the installation process.) 


The screen shows a progress bar. After some time you should see the progress bar starting to fill in. Be aware that it can take several seconds, so please be patient.

Once installed, the Milo will reboot itself. Allow that to happen. You'll know it's done when you hear the familiar startup sound. The tutorial will start to play. To skip it, wait until you hear the instruction for how to skip - at this point, click the power button once, then one more time to skip the name recording offer. 


Troubleshooting tips

The installation process may stall due to network interactivity. If you see the screen below, tap either button. You're not actually using cellular data for this step since you have already downloaded the update. The process often picks up from where it halted. If it doesn't, simply start over.

If the screen appears several times and just can't move past it, the first steps to try involve your local network connection:

Exit and close the Milo Link app. Don't reopen the app until you have made the changes you want to try from the list below:

    • If you use a VPN, temporarily disable it.
    • In your phone's Settings, temporarily forget the Milo you are updating (tap the name of the Milo, then "forget"). Then, toggle Bluetooth off and back on at the top of that screen. No Milos should be listed.
      IMG_0018  IMG_0078  IMG_0079
    • If you are connected to a local network (very likely if you're at your home or office), temporarily disconnect from it. Alternatively, set your phone to airplane mode, then reenable WiFi, avoiding reconnecting to your local network. If one option doesn't help or doesn't apply, try the other:
      IMG_0076     IMG_0075

Reopen Milo Link and try again.

If you still have trouble updating, look at our troubleshooting guide here: https://kb.okmilo.com/troubleshooting-software-updates 

NOTE to iPhone users: If you're having trouble connecting to Milo after the update is installed, do the following:
  1. In Milo Link, unpair each Milo
  2. in iPhone Settings > Bluetooth > My Devices, remove ("forget") each Milo from the list.
  3. Do a factory reset on each Milo.
  4. Pair Milos again in Milo Link

This is most likely to apply when updating from version 6.x.x to 7.x.x or higher.