Controlling Milo's volume and mute from a headset / headphones

With many headsets or headphones with manual volume controls, you can change the volume using either Milo's volume buttons or the buttons on the headphones/headsets. Both stay in sync for flexibility. Similarly, on many headsets with a manual mic mute button, you can mute or unmute using either headset's button or the Milo button. 

Not all accessories synchronize well, however. We recommend testing this on your favorite headset or headphones before your first Milo activity. 

We have some headsets and headphones we use and test with extensively. You can read more here: Third Party Accessories 


NOTE: Milo still uses its built-in microphones even when you use a headset that has its own mic. In a future release, we'll add the option to use either the Milo mics or the external mic.