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What Milo accessories can I get?

We offer a broad set of accessories so that you can wear your Milo in the best way for each activity. You can find all available accessories on our website okmilo.com. Here's a summary of all current Milo clips:

The action clip has a flat back and allows you to attach a Milo to a backpack strap, goggle strap or other gear.
The bike clip allows you to attach a Milo to your bike handlebars. It is similar to the action clip but has a curved rubber element on the back so it can sit securely against the handlebar tube, which prevents slippage.
The pocket clip allows you to attach a Milo to a jacket pocket. It features a steel spring which is twisted into the pocket and is locked in place when the pocket zipper is closed.
The collar clip allows you to attach a Milo to a jacket, sweater or T-shirt collar, using a secure clamp to firmly attach your Milo to a variety of material types and thicknesses thanks to its offset hinge.
The armband clip allows a Milo to be worn on the arm. It features stretchy rubber with a printed non-slip silicone pattern to ensure it will not slip, even when wet. It can be worn over a jacket, sweater or directly on the arm.
Please always use one of the enclosed wrist bands at all times for added security to the clip.

In addition, we offer a protective carrying case that comes with a carabiner and fits 1 Milo and clip.