MiloNet™ 2.0: What is it?

MiloNet 2.0 is our next-generation mesh network powered by newly certified high-performance radio profiles, dynamic bitrates, and many other optimizations to deliver increased range and greater reliability in all Milo regions. MiloNet 2.0 uses the sub-GHz radio band where appropriate to deliver increased Milo range and greater reliability in most conditions, including among trees, when low above water, and among other obstructions such as rock ledges and hills. It also eliminates potential interference issues with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

Known limitations

  • Everyone in the group must be on Milo Software 9.0.0 or higher
  • In the EU and UK, to be compliant with regulations, sub-GHz radio bands are available for group sizes up to 4. For groups of 5+, MiloNet will automatically switch to new, high-performance 2.4GHz radio profiles.