What is Milo?

We think of Milo as an Action Communicator. It is a small wearable radio that allows a group of friends or family to talk to each other during any shared activity, because it's hands-free and eyes-free. It's better than a traditional walkie-talkie: no need to push buttons, so you can have a conversation while your eyes are on your surroundings and your hands stay on handlebars or ski poles. It makes shared adventures better so you can go far and stay close.

Milo is for anyone who wants to stay in contact and talk to others in a group of friends or family during a shared group activity like hiking or walking, biking, skiing, skating, climbing, hiking, sailing, kite surfing, paddle boarding, sightseeing....

Milos are great for staying in touch around a campground and for coordinating docking a boat, even for coordinating tasks around the house, like yard work or telling the kids in their rooms or outside that dinner is ready. In fact, parents find Milos to be great for kids because there's no need to remember to press buttons - snap on a Milo for the perfect set-and-forget communicator. No complicated instructions or license needed.

As you can see, if you can think of an activity, Milo can help you share your experience while staying present in the moment. Milo shines in any group activity where the group might get separated, or where you're simply too far away to talk comfortably without screaming. With Milo you can still have a conversation even when one person is too tired for that last climb or run of the day. Even when there's no phone coverage. Everyone can go at their own speed without any anxiety of getting left behind, and still be a part of the group.

The sky's the limit... or is it?


If you want to understand what Milo is, take a look here and see how people around the world are finding new great ways to incorporate Milos in their activities!