My Milo doesn't start up

Normally, you would power up a Milo by pressing the small round power button on the back for about a second, or until you see the first LEDs come on.
  • STEP 1  If the Milo does not turn on, the cause may be temperature or very low battery:
  • Extreme temperatures
    • If you're in a very cold or hot environment, or if the Milo has been left in a place where it overheated, it may not behave as expected.
      • Solution: Allow time for the unit to return to room temperature before charging or powering on. Then try powering on again.
  • Low or empty battery
    • If Milo doesn't turn on at all, or if it is stuck in a "boot loop" where it turns off and on by itself multiple times on power up, it is likely that the battery is too low for the unit to power on. 
      • Solution: Using the included cable, connect the Milo to a power source. Allow it to charge for at least 15 minutes, then try again. 

  • STEP 2  If your unit still doesn't power up at room temperature and after charging the battery, then:

    • With Milo powered off, hold both the volume-down button and the long side button simultaneously. While holding both, press the power button to power up. 
    • When Milo powers up, allow it to finish (wait for the "Hello"). Then power cycle: power off like you normally would, wait for it to be fully shut down, then power on again like normal.
  • STEP 3  If Milo still doesn't power up, press-and-hold the power button for 10 seconds (count to 10 slowly).
  • STEP 4  If your Milo still doesn't start up at this point, please submit a support ticket here: Support Request  Please include the following information in your support ticket:
    • Serial number of the Milo.
    • Details about the context and activities you did with the Milo prior to it having this issue, for example surfing, mountain biking, skiing in cold temperatures, etc. 
    • Proof of purchase or order number, if you have it handy. If you ordered directly from us, the email you used for your order is all we need to start.