Speaker Volume Boost

To deliver intelligibility in extremely loud environments, Speaker Boost Mode configures Milo to drive the built-in speaker at its limits. Be aware that this turns up the volume a lot. Please be considerate of your environment.

To activate Speaker Boost, simply continue turning up the volume past max volume: when you hear the max-volume ‘double-boop’, click volume-up three more times until you hear the “boost enabled” notification. You turn it off again with a single click volume-down.

A large increase to speaker volume doesn’t come for free. The two main trade-offs when activating boost mode are 1) a general reduction in sound quality and 2) a potentially significant impact on battery life if you have a talkative group. Also, be aware that because of how loud the boosted volume is, Milo’s microphones will be less able to hear you when the speaker is playing; so you’ll be less able to break into the conversation.