Side Chats

Start or end a private 1-on-1 chat with a group member

Side Chats allow you and one other in-range member in your group to have a private 1:1 conversation. Side Chats are designed to make adventuring with larger groups and families even better. For example: 
  • Get real-time, focused 1:1 coaching between instructor and student without distracting everyone else in the group
  • Take a few highly-focused black diamond runs with a friend, while the rest of the group jokes around on the easy blues
  • Figure out the plan for a lunch break without the kids chiming in

Introduced as a Preview Feature in v. 11.0. To use it, you must enable voice control in Milo Link for every Milo in the group.

Starting a Side Chat

While in the main group, let the other person know you want to chat. Then try one of several ways to start a chat, for example:

  • "OK Milo" ...
    • "Speak to NAME" (where NAME is someone in your group)
    • "Talk to NAME"
    • "Start a chat with NAME"
    • "I want to talk to NAME"

Ending a Side Chat

When you're done syncing up, either of you can end the chat to return you both to the main group:
  • "OK Milo" ...
    • "End chat"
    • "Leave the side chat"
    • "Return to the group"