A Milo in my group can't connect with or talk to the others

On rare occasions, you may experience that someone in the group can't hear or be heard by someone else, even when you expect everyone to be in contact, for example when close by. There could be multiple reasons for that and there are several simple troubleshooting steps you can try:

1. Power cycle

If you just powered on a Milo that was already in a group and after half a minute or longer, a roll call says it's out of reach, it's likely that something simply didn't start up quite right. Turn off the Milo again, wait a few seconds, then turn it back on again. After a few seconds, it should register as being online and in the group.

2. Leave and rejoin group

If the out-of-reach Milo is next to another in the group and roll calls on both claim that it's out-of-reach, have out-of-reach Milo the leave the group (double-click side button, then double-click it again to confirm). After leaving, rejoin the group.

3. Press-and-hold the side button

Sometimes an idle unit may lose connection to its group briefly. Try holding the side button on that unit for a few seconds, as if you were connecting to another Milo to join a group.

4. Check Proximity Mute

If roll call informs you that the unit is online but you can't hear speech from a nearby Milo, check if you're within Proximity Mute range. You can check that by either walking further away from the nearby unit, or by temporarily disabling Proximity Mute

5. Check Milo software version 

Always install the same most recent software version on all Milos. If they are running different versions, some features will not work as expected.

6. Factory reset

Do a factory reset on the unit that's not behaving as expected. This will remove the unit from the current group, so you'll need to rejoin the group after it powers back on.