How to send Milo log files to the Milo team

To help troubleshoot some issues, we may ask you to send in diagnostic logs that include information we can use to identify the issue you may be running into.

To get us all necessary information we'll need to address the issue you're experiencing, please follow the steps below to send diagnostic logs using the Milo Link app:

  1. Go out on an adventure to reproduce the issue you are having
  2. After you have reproduced the issue, do not power off or reboot your Milos until after you have submitted the logs via Milo Link
  3. Launch Milo Link on your mobile and connect the Milos, if not already connected
  4. In Milo Link:
    1. Click on Info in the bottom navigation bar
    2. Click on Troubleshooting, then Diagnostic logs
    3. Click SUBMIT for each Milo that is shown as connected to Milo Link

      IMG_4320  >>  IMG_4321  >> IMG_4322
  5. After you submit the logs, please also submit a support ticket and include details about the issue you are having and the serial numbers of your Milos (as show on the My Milo page in Milo Link) so we can look up your log files.