Long Range Messaging

Send, receive, and replay short voice messages

Long range messages helps you stay in contact with people in your group, even when you are out of reach for normal real time conversations. You can send a brief voice message to someone in the group or to everyone. Messages are delivered via MiloNet over time by needing significantly less bandwidth. Milo will continue trying to deliver your message until it's finished.

Introduced as a Preview Feature in v. 11.0. To use it, you must enable voice control in Milo Link for every Milo in the group.

Sending a voice message

Start with the wake word and voice command:

  • "OK Milo" ...
    • "Send a message to NAME"
    • "Send a message to everybody"
    • "Send a message" - a shortcut for sending to the whole group

Milo confirms it understood you want to send a message and to whom. For example, Milo might respond with "Message to everyone" or "Message to Peter."

Tip: If you notice that Milo misheard you and is trying to send a message to the wrong person, immediately click the Milo button to cancel.

Now say your message, 10 seconds or less. When you're done, just stop talking.

Tip: Shorter messages typically get delivered quicker, so it's a good idea to keep it short.

Milo automatically replays your message to you before it starts transmitting it, so you can hear what others will hear. Milo might respond "I heard" followed by your recorded message.

Tip: This is a Preview feature behavior. In the next major release, the message will not automatically repeat back to unless you choose that option in Milo Link.

After the message has played for you, Milo automatically starts sending it.

The LED ring displays the delivery progress of the message - if this was your very first message, you'll hear a brief explanation, about what happens next.

When your message is delivered, you'll hear a notification bell and "Message delivered." If your message was addressed to the whole group, the notification comes when the first person receives it.

Note: If you power down your Milo before the message was delivered, it will not get delivered.

Receiving and listening to a message again

When you receive a message, Milo notifies you with a tone, tells you who it's from, then plays it automatically. If you want to hear it again, ask Milo to repeat:

  • "OK Milo" ...
    • "Repeat (that)"
    • "Play that message again
    • "Repeat the message from NAME"

Milo saves the one most recent message from each person who messaged you. If you only say "repeat" you'll hear the most recent message from anyone. A repeat request with a name (repeat the message from NAME) plays that sender's most recent message to you.

When you hear the message, you'll also hear approximately how long ago the message was sent, which is very handy. For example, imagine the difference between hearing the following 2 messages:

  • "From Matt, 40 minutes ago: I'm ordering food now, in case you wanna join me."
  • "From Matt, 3 minutes ago: I'm ordering food now, in case you wanna join me."