The Milo Link app

There is a mobile app: Milo Link is available in both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. 

You don't need to get the app before you start using Milo. That's on purpose - we don't want you to have jump any hurdles before connecting and getting going/

However, there are several important features available only through the app:

  • Most importantly, you use the app to download and install Milo software updates. And you want to keep all your Milos up-to-date with the latest software so you have access to all feature improvements.
  • Milo Link let's you change the language Milo speaks.
  • Milo Link offers a quick way to change the default name of your paired Milos to another pre-defined name
  • There is a full set of FAQs and how-to guides that are of course available offline so you can access the information even when far from any internet connection. 
  • You can customize settings and even try out new Preview Features!

Read more about Milo Link in this section of the Knowledge Base.