My Milo isn't working quite right. Can I reboot?

How to do a hard ("factory") reset

The first thing to try if something seems a bit off is a hard reset. Think of it as what you might do with any electronic device that suddenly acts unusually in some way.

It can be a little tricky to do - that's on purpose, of course, so it doesn't happen unintentionally. Here are some tips:

  1. If the Milo is in a group, first leave the group (with Milo on, double-click side button; and again)
  2. Power off the Milo
  3. Now first press-and-hold the smile-shaped button on the back (it's a little tricky, some people use the tip of a fingernail for this). Then, add a press-and-hold of the power button.
  4. Keep both buttons pressed until you feel the Milo give a few short haptic buzzes. It will be 8-10 seconds. Let go of the buttons.
  5. Wait for the Milo to restart fully - you'll know that it did a reset if you hear the step-by-step tutorial.

Note that you'll see it referred to as a "factory reset." However, if you have changed the Milo's name from its original, we keep that name for your convenience. If you want it returned to another name, simply use Milo Link to pick one after the reset.