The Milo clip: What is it?

Milo attaches with an innovative clip system that uses magnets to connect and trigger a secure mechanical lock. The clips are designed to enable you to quickly snap in a Milo and go, as well as to quickly remove the Milo when done for the day. They are also designed for security to avoid the Milo popping out during normal use.

Having said that, we know that the risk of a Milo inadvertently releasing from the clip is a source of worry for some, and worry is the last thing we want Milo adventurers to experience! For that reason, we are actively working on a solution to provide added robustness: We are building an add-on that secures Milo in its clip to handle harder bumps and falls. We plan to provide this at no cost to our early customers and backers.

In the meantime, we strongly recommend using one of the lanyards as a backup for extra security.
Check out our How To videos to see examples of how to attach and the lanyard with a clip: Your Milo comes with 3 lanyards, one long and two short ones, so play around with what works best for you in each situation. 

The clips are made for maximal flexibility in how and where you attach them. Here's how you can adjust the direction of the Action Clip to have Milo point in the correct direction no matter where you attach the clip:
  1. Remove the rubber ring
  2. Holding the metal base part with one hand, rotate the clip part with the other hand to orient it the way you want it. You can use the printed "milo" as reference to know how far you are turning it.
  3. Reattach the rubber ring, taking care that it snaps securely into place again
  4. Attach the clip where you want it. Snap in a Milo. The Milo should now be pointing the direction you want it. If not, start over to change the positioning.