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How do I pair and connect Bluetooth headsets?

Bluetooth pairing is available as a Preview Feature starting in version 7. To enable Preview Features:

  1. Connect your Milo to the Milo Link app.
  2. Select that Milo in the My Milos list.
  3. Tap Preview Features, and read about the feature. Pay attention to any known trade-offs and issues. If you decide to try it, tap ENABLE.
  4. Milo will automatically reboot. After a few seconds you should see Enabled in the Milo options menu.

With Bluetooth headset disconnected from other devices, put headset into pairing mode.
For example, for AirPods: With buds in the case, open the case and press the back button until it blinks white or orange.

Now, try Bluetooth pairing either using only buttons or using Milo Link.

Using only buttons:

  1. On Milo, press-and-hold the smile-shaped button for 3 seconds. Let go when you hear a notification that you're in pairing mode and the LED ring shows search mode. Wait for pairing to establish. You'll hear a notification and the LEDs stop.
    NOTE: If you hear the custom naming feature, you let go of the button too quickly. Click the smile-shaped button again to stop naming, then try again.
  2. Remove headset from case (if buds) and insert in ears.
  3. Next time, headset reconnects automatically. If not, repeat process.

Using Milo Link:

  1. In Milo Link, Select the Milo in the My Milos list. Then choose Paired Devices.
  2. With the headset in pairing mode, tap the plus sign that is either in the middle of the screen or the top right corner.
  3. When you see your headset, tap to pair and connect.
  4. Remove headset from case (if buds) and insert in ears.
  5. Next time, headset reconnects automatically. If not, tap headset name in the list, then tap CONNECT. 

Known issues and work in-progress:

  • Pairing can take as long as 40 seconds
  • Pairing might not work the first time.
  • After pairing, it may take a few seconds more before audio comes out of the headset
  • You may need to try pairing a couple of times
  • When pairing, you may temporarily get disconnected from your group
  • Reconnecting may not work if you have used the headsets with other nearby devices since your most recent use with Milo
  • AirPods significantly decrease range (to about half; this will be resolved in a future update)
  • If you connect AirPods using Milo Link on an iPhone, the phone may pop up a window offering to connect with the AirPods - close that window using the small X in the corner without accepting any connection.

NOTE: Milo always uses its built-in mics for superior wind noise reduction. So keep Milo close to your mouth even when you use a headset.