Charging Milo's battery

How do I charge my Milo?

Use only one of the USB-to-USB-C cables we include with every Milo when you connect to a power source. 

You can charge Milo either when it's powered off or while it's on and in use. That means if you have a portable power bank, you can use the enclosed USB-to-USB-C power cable to charge Milo while continuing talking to your group.

Watch this video: How To Charge your Milo

How long does it take to charge a Milo?

At room temperature, the battery level is practically at empty, it takes about 45 minutes to get to almost 3/4 fully charged, and about 90 minutes to 100% fully charged.
Charging slows down the closer to 100% you get. That's typical for rechargeable batteries. 

Fun fact: Milo charges faster if it's powered on while you're charging it. 

How do I know if Milo's battery is running low?

When Milo is powered up, you can always find out the current battery level with a single short click on the power button. Milo not only tells you the approximate estimated percentage left, but also shows you briefly the level using the front LED ring.

You don't have to worry about suddenly losing contact with your group because the battery suddenly ran down without warning: Milo can notify you (by voice) when the battery is running low. When the battery charge is getting very low you'll also see a more rapid blinking of the single red LED in the 6 o'clock position on the front light ring. Starting with Milo firmware 8.0.0, you can control the level of battery notification you receive from Milo.

Watch this video: How to check battery status on your Milo

When is charging complete?

When you connect Milo to a power source, the LED in the 6 o'clock position of the LED ring (closest to the USB-C port) lights up amber or orange-red. When charging is complete, that LED turns green.

You can see the LED indicator while charging, no matter if Milo is powered on or off at the time.