Does Milo come with everything I need to use it?

When you buy a Milo, the box comes with everything you need to get started right away:

  • 1 Milo itself (of course), charged up and ready to go
  • 1 versatile Action Clip with a couple of different size rubber o-rings for easy attachment to a handlebar or bag strap
  • 1 high-quality USB-to-USB-C charging cable that you can use with with your own charger - only use the enclosed cable when you charge your Milos
  • 3 lanyard straps of different sizes and thickness, one already attached
  • 3 small rubber stoppers (dust caps) to fit in the USB-C slot - we recommend using one of these when in wet or exceptionally dusty environments to help decrease the elements from getting into your Milo

Milo has its own built-in speaker, so you don't need headphones. But if you prefer, you can use your own wired USB-C connector headset / headphones, or Bluetooth earbuds.

We do have a companion app, Milo Link, available for both iOS and Android. You don't need the app to use Milo, but you'll want to get it as soon as you can because you use Milo Link to download and install Milo software updates,

We recommend checking for updates before you head out with your Milos for the first time so you can have the best experience.


We offer several additional clips depending on what works best for your activity. Check them out on our site here.