Are my conversations private?

Yes! Your Milo conversations considerably more private than with any standard walkie-talkies or family radios.

Milo provides real privacy, far beyond Walkie Talkies...

We encrypt your conversations so nobody can listen in. We also use frequency hopping, meaning that the encrypted data packets are sent over a sequence of channels known only to other Milos in your group. You don't need to hunt around for a clear channel that doesn't have other people talking on it. The technology behind Milo ensures there is no cross-chatter.

In other words, your Milo conversations are truly private and secure, unlike conversations on standard walkie-talkies. Those other radios need to share a relatively small number of open channels. With many people wanting to use the same channels, the way more conversations are packed in is by what's referred to as "privacy codes." Those codes don't make your conversations private. Anyone who chooses the same code can tune in to listen. Privacy codes are more accurately thought of as interference eliminators, because they simply mask other people's conversations on the same open channel as long as they use a different code. 

What about a private conversation with someone in my group?

The focus of Milo is to connect with your whole group of friends or family during your adventures. But we understand that sometimes you need to do a quick check-in with one person and you may not want everyone listening to that. In a future software update, you'll be able to have a temporary breakout session with one person in your group without leaving the group.